Friday, December 14, 2012

web add: ethics and public domain of the internet

  1. -- Ethics 2.0: Balancing privacy, publicity and prudenceMaria Bakardjieva
  2. -- A review of research ethicsin internet-based researchIan Convery, Diane Cox
  3. -- Researching the public web by MICHAEL THELWALL 
  4. -- Entering the blogosphere’: some strategies Rfor using blogs in social researchNICHOLAS HOOKWAY
  5. -- Ethical issues in qualitative research on internet communities
  6. -- The news forecast: Can you predict the future by mining millions of web pages for data?
  7. -- Predicting Dark Triad Personality Traits from Twitter usage and a linguistic analysis of Tweets
  8. -- Harvesting tweets can open up a new world of valuable qualitative data
  9. -- Anthropologists Approve Comprehensive Overhaul of Ethics Code
  10. -- Harvard Researchers Accused of Breaching Students' Privacy: Social-network project shows promise and peril of doing social science online
  11. -- Ethics and Collecting Forensic Linguistics Data from the Web
  12.,%20N.%20and%20Tuffin,%20K.pdf -- Using the Online Medium for DiscursiveResearch About People With Disabilities
  13. -- Introduction: Data and Methods in Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
  14. -- Internet Research Ethics
  15. -- Using Empirical Data to Reason aboutInternet Research Ethics

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